“Microphobias” (short stories in Spanish)

There is no worse hatred than that which is born from within. The characters in this collection of short stories speak to us directly and openly about the reason for the failure in their relationships and life projects. They all have one point in common: the difficulty of accepting their homosexual condition. All of these stories were conceived and written in the 90s, when a marked homophobic environment still prevailed in Spain. Although years later very important legal achievements were achieved, such as the legalization of homosexual marriage, there is still much to do to achieve equality, without discrimination based on sexual orientation. In this context, it is very important to understand the impact of internal phobias.

This volume of stories is the sister project of “Micromachismos”, a book of short stories through which I explore various discriminations against women.


No hay peor odio que el que nace de dentro. Los personajes de esta colección de relatos cortos nos hablan directamente y sin tapujos sobre el por qué del fracaso en sus relaciones y proyectos vitales. Todos tienen un punto en común: la dificultad de aceptar su condición homosexual. Todas estas historias fueron concebidas y escritas en los años 90, cuando todavía imperaba un marcado ambiente homófobo en España. A pesar de que años después se consiguieran logros legales importantísimos, tales como la legalización del matrimonio homosexual, todavía queda mucho por hacer para conseguir la igualdad, sin discriminación por razón de orientación sexual.

En este contexto es muy importante entender el impacto de las fobias internas. Este volumen de relatos es el proyecto hermano de “Micromachismos”, libro de microrrelatos donde la autora explora diversas discriminaciones hacia la mujer.

“Micromachismos” (short stories in Spanish)

In this second volume of short stories, I try to explore the “micromachisms” of which we are all victims. In the stories, there are characters who feel obliged to fulfill the role of a “Macho” prevailing in our society, even when they are not prepared for it. Likewise, there are other types of characters, women, who feel obliged to maintain the role of “perfect wife”, although their reality has nothing to do with that. Ultimately, this work is an exploration of all those sexual prejudices and limitations in which we all feel immersed.


En este segundo volumen de relatos cortos, intento explorar los micromachismos de los que todos somos víctimas. En los relatos hay personajes que se sienten obligados a cumplir el rol de “Machito” imperante en la sociedad, aún cuando no están preparados para ello. Asimismo, hay otro tipo de personajes, mujeres, que se sienten obligados a mantener el rol de “esposa perfecta”, aunque su realidad diste mucho de eso. En definitivas cuentas, este trabajo es una exploración de todos aquellos prejuicios y limitaciones sexuales en las que nos sentimos inmersos.

About Mada Jurado

I’m a photographer, writer, and podcaster based in Spain.

What these passions have in common is that, at heart, I’m convinced that the way we tell our stories can actually change our reality. That’s why I also teach people how to look at the world and how to express themselves.

Over my career to date, I’ve been fortunate enough to live, breathe and document the lives of many people and places across Europe and Australia. I’ve travelled incessantly, and worked tiredlessly.

In addition to my work in photography, feel free to explore my work in other fields related to transformative social justice. I’ve worked as a journalist at the crossroads between religion, politics and culture. I have produced a podcast series of short stories blending traditional horror with social commentary. I have also written collections of short stories, now published as two books, in which I explore gender roles and identity in our western societies. As part of my commitment to access to oportunities, I’ve also produced a free educational podcast to teach non-natives how to write in English.

Please, send me an email to to get in touch with any queries.

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