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Grim Tales / Cuentos Tétricos (Podcast, Horror stories in Spanish)

Cuentos Tétricos, by Mada Jurado

Grim Tales” invites you to listen to new and unpublished horror stories. They are original scary tales, created and performed by Mada Jurado. What should frighten us more, the “paranormal” and distant, or the “normal” around us? If you like these sinister horror stories, leave a positive review wherever you listen to them, bookmark them, or share them. It sounds simple, but it really helps.


“Cuentos tétricos” te invita a escuchar historias de terror nuevas e inéditas. Son cuentos de miedo originales, creados e interpretados por Mada Jurado. Realmente, ¿qué es lo que nos debería dar más miedo: lo “paranormal” y lejano, o las personas “normales” que nos rodean?
Si te gustan estos relatos de horror siniestro, deja una reseña positiva allá donde los escuches, márcalos como favoritos, o compártelos. Parece sencillo, pero realmente ayuda.

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Most recent Episode: The invasion of the Living Dead

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Top 2 – México (Apple Podcasts, Performing Arts, 10-30-2020)

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  • Top 1 – Ecuador (Apple Podcasts, Performing Arts, 05-04-2020)
  • Top 1 – Panama (Apple Podcasts, Performing Arts, 09-24-2019)
  • Top 2 – México (Apple Podcasts, Performing Arts, 10-30-2020)
  • Top 2 – El Salvador (Apple Podcasts, Performing Arts, 10-13-2020)
  • Top 2 – Chile (Apple Podcasts, Performing Arts, 10-24-2019)
  • Top 2 – Cayman Islands (Apple Podcasts, Performing Arts, 10-30-2020)
  • Top 3 – Argentina (Apple Podcasts, Performing Arts, 09-19-2020)
  • Top 3 – Costa Rica (Apple Podcasts, Performing Arts, 04-05-2020)
  • Top 4 – Honduras (Apple Podcasts, Performing Arts, 09-29-2019)
  • Top 6 – Colombia (Apple Podcasts, Performing Arts, 11-04-2019)
  • Top 7 – Honduras (Spotify, Arts & Entertainment, 06-04-2020)
  • Top 7 – Spain (Apple Podcasts, Performing Arts, 12-16-2019)
  • Top 8 – Peru (Apple Podcasts, Performing Arts, 07-05-2020)

About Mada Jurado

I’m a photographer, writer, and podcaster based in Spain.

What these passions have in common is that, at heart, I’m convinced that the way we tell our stories can actually change our reality. That’s why I also teach people how to look at the world and how to express themselves.

Over my career to date, I’ve been fortunate enough to live, breathe and document the lives of many people and places across Europe and Australia. I’ve travelled incessantly, and worked tiredlessly.

In addition to my work in photography, feel free to explore my work in other fields related to transformative social justice. I’ve worked as a journalist at the crossroads between religion, politics and culture. I have produced a podcast series of short stories blending traditional horror with social commentary. I have also written collections of short stories, now published as two books, in which I explore gender roles and identity in our western societies. As part of my commitment to access to oportunities, I’ve also produced a free educational podcast to teach non-natives how to write in English.

Please, send me an email to to get in touch with any queries.

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