Portrait photography

MadaJurado.Portraits — my IG online gallery devoted to portrait photography — showcases a small part of my work on that field. Taking a portrait isn’t all about sitting someone down in a studio and taking headshots. There are several different styles, and it’s about finding the type that suits you and your specific needs.

As this gallery is an online project, peple are more interested in glamour portraits. Throughout the gallery, there are also other instances of (theoretically) candid portraits in which I catch a natural glimpse into the real person in front of my camera. These ones go hand in hand with my lifestyle portraits instances in which I capture an “aspirational” way of living as well as with my enviromental (staged) portrait photography at the office, writing, preparing for interviews, or in classroom settings.

I’m confident that I can offer my skills in any of these more traditional aproaches to photography, both as a photographer and as a model, in collaborations or in assignments. That’s why I’m currently flexing my muscles into surreal and conceptual types of portraits, as well as more abstract ones. The black and one versions are shared in my fine-art gallery, MadaJurado.bnw.

It goes without saying, I have experience producing formal portraits for CVs, official documents, corporate profiles (online and offline), and similar uses. They are not terribly exciting, and I’m not producing them professonally, so that’s why they are not featured here.

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